Craps Strategy Revealed

I dabble in little craps playing. On occasion I see guys placing hopper bets (non-hard way hoppers). I saw a particular guy using them effectively to win money. Does anyone have experience with this or a particular system that they employ?
I appreciate your input, but I’m not looking for or suggesting that there is an unbeatable system involving hopper bets. I’m only looking for players’ ideas on which, when, and for how much they place these bets. (i.e. what strategy or formula they may use).

Bigsky: That’s some good info. I like the idea of using it as a hedge. If I hop all three it would be the same as tripling an “any 7”, but I could gamble and hop the 2 combos, which I think are hitting more.

I have never heard of a hops bet until now, after googling it, I found out that its the same as any other one roll bet, the payout is 15:1 for rolls consisting of 2 different number such as 2,3 or 5,4, or 2,6 and 30:1 for rolls consisting of the same number, such as 2,2 or 3,3 or 4,4, etc

For all of these bets, the odds of actually rolling it are less than the payout, as is every other bet in craps, (who would have guessed?) Unfortunately, there is no “system” to beat craps, every bet comes equipped with a house edge, and placing multiple bets simply gives you more exposure to the house edge, you are not going to beat craps unless you can physically roll the dice to land on numbers you want them to do with a regular degree of accuracy, or at least a degree of accuracy large enough to overcome the house edge, betting systems don’t work, period.

Edit, if that’s the case, I think betting the pass line and covering the losing bets for that with hoppers would be better than betting they don’t pass and covering because the numbers that you would be covering would pay out more if they rolled. Covering your pass line bet with a hopper in 2,3 and 12 would pay out more than it would for covering 7s and 11s against a don’t pass bet. (hoppers for 2, and 12 pay 30:1 where hoppers for the 7s only pay 15:1) Also, the payouts on odds for the pass line are not inverse as are the ones on the don’t pass, so when a point is established you would be winning more money if you do win.

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