Craps Strategy Revealed

I dabble in little craps playing. On occasion I see guys placing hopper bets (non-hard way hoppers). I saw a particular guy using them effectively to win money. Does anyone have experience with this or a particular system that they employ?
I appreciate your input, but I’m not looking for or suggesting that there is an unbeatable system involving hopper bets. I’m only looking for players’ ideas on which, when, and for how much they place these bets. (i.e. what strategy or formula they may use).

Bigsky: That’s some good info. I like the idea of using it as a hedge. If I hop all three it would be the same as tripling an “any 7”, but I could gamble and hop the 2 combos, which I think are hitting more.

I have never heard of a hops bet until now, after googling it, I found out that its the same as any other one roll bet, the payout is 15:1 for rolls consisting of 2 different number such as 2,3 or 5,4, or 2,6 and 30:1 for rolls consisting of the same number, such as 2,2 or 3,3 or 4,4, etc

For all of these bets, the odds of actually rolling it are less than the payout, as is every other bet in craps, (who would have guessed?) Unfortunately, there is no “system” to beat craps, every bet comes equipped with a house edge, and placing multiple bets simply gives you more exposure to the house edge, you are not going to beat craps unless you can physically roll the dice to land on numbers you want them to do with a regular degree of accuracy, or at least a degree of accuracy large enough to overcome the house edge, betting systems don’t work, period.

Edit, if that’s the case, I think betting the pass line and covering the losing bets for that with hoppers would be better than betting they don’t pass and covering because the numbers that you would be covering would pay out more if they rolled. Covering your pass line bet with a hopper in 2,3 and 12 would pay out more than it would for covering 7s and 11s against a don’t pass bet. (hoppers for 2, and 12 pay 30:1 where hoppers for the 7s only pay 15:1) Also, the payouts on odds for the pass line are not inverse as are the ones on the don’t pass, so when a point is established you would be winning more money if you do win.

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Casino Secrets Revealed FAQ

Is Internet gambling legal? Internet gambling is 100% legal. Using VIC against Internet
casinos is also 100% legal and ethical. It is not cheating because you aren’t changing the laws of probability.

If internet casinos are beatable, why don’t more people beat them? People simply don’t have a winning playing system and even if they did, most people would find it difficult, if not impossible, to play it perfectly, every time.

If you always win, won’t the casinos ban you from playing? No. But they do limit their
losses by letting you win only $5,000 per month. (Of course, you may play on more than one casino at a time!)

All the experts say that casino games can’t be beaten in the long run. Isn’t that true?
No. That is just one of the many bogus myths circulating in the world today regarding
gambling. The right playing system played flawlessly can beat almost every casino game. VIC was designed specifically to beat roulette, blackjack, and craps.

What do I need to run VIC? Any IBM PC or compatible using an 8086 processor (8086,
80286, 80386, 80486, or Pentium). The Operating System must be MS-DOS Version 3.1 or later. Microsoft Windows is not required but will function if either Windows 3.1 or
Windows 95/98 is installed. VIC requires less than 1 Mb of RAM to execute.

Do I need two computers to use VIC? No. A second basic system is highly
recommended, but not essential. If you only have one computer you can switch back and forth between the casino and VIC. If you have a second computer running at the same time, you simply run VIC on that one. Your second computer doesn’t even have to be very powerful. All it needs is a small hard drive, a floppy drive, MS-DOS, and a monitor. You can buy one used or we can provide one for you at a minimal cost.

I’ve never played casino games before. No problem. Our software does everything for
you. All you have to do is to follow VIC’s instructions.

I don’t know much about computers. Is that a problem? No, we will show you
everything you need to know to get up and running on Internet casinos fast.

Can I practice first before risking real money? Yes. Every Internet casino lets you
practice with pretend money. When you’re ready, you can play for real money.

How does VIC work? Using a sophisticated math formula, simple probability, and other advanced rules, VIC plays a perfect and flawless game every time.

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Play BlackJack To WIN!

Casino poker concept. Poker chips falling on green felt roulette table, blur slot machines room interior background, banner. 3d illustration

Remember that any “system” will lose over the long run, there is no way around it. There is always a house advantage. AND THERE IS NO WAY AROUND IT!

This system of betting only prolongs the inevitable, by changing the random win-loss-win-loss pattern into a predictable small-win:>small-win:>small-win:>big-loss pattern which gives enough time to at least double your money and get out quickly with a nice profit.

Having made the above statement, please take my money management portion of the system seriously and don’t deviate. Deviation will allow the casino to win back everything you have won and then some.

Play by the basic strategy charts and use the betting pattern outlined below and go make some money from the free money online casinos.

The Details:

You will start with a purse of 50 units. It can be $1 or $5 or $10 or more, but, the table maximum can never be less than 8 X the unit you are playing with. For example, a $1 minimum bet table might have a maximum bet of $100, $1unit X 8 = $8 so that is ok but $25 unit X 8 = $200 which exceeds the $100 table limit so you need to find a table with higher limits to use $25 bets.

  • Your bets will be units in this order; 1, 3, 8. Do not deviate.
  • Start with 1 unit and use the next higher step after every loss.
  • After every win starts over with a 1 unit bet.
  • Always double and split per the basic strategy chart but…
  • even if you double or split at the 1 unit bet and lose your next bet is still 3 (not 3x your doubled amount).

After you exceed a purse of 110 units NEVER go back under 100. If you get to 110 and your next bet would take you below 100 you are done. If you get to 101 and your next bet wins then you may keep going. If you ever get to the point where you cannot make your next bet in the series without going under the 100 units then start again with one unit. If you get to 150 units then double your units, every 50 units after that keep doubling your units until you would exceed the table limit with 8 X unit. Every threshold of 100 ORIGINAL units is a “stop-limit” and you never go back under. Your play will always end with a purse balance of 0, 100, 200, 300, etc. no exceptions, these are your stop limits. If there is not enough balance above your stop limit to make the next sequence bet then start over at one original unit and try to work it back up, don’t give up until the purse equals exactly 0, 100, 200, 300, etc. If you think you have won enough and stop at say 125, you will never appreciate what a true winning streak can sometimes do. It is correct not to be greedy but you also don’t ever want to stop in the middle of a winning streak. The maximum you will ever lose at one sitting is your 50 unit original purse.

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