Position Name Academic Affiliation Contact
Honorary President Prof. Chung-ying Cheng Department of Philosophy,
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Chairman of Board of Officers Prof. Robert C. Neville School of Theology, Boston University rneville@bu.edu
President Prof. Chenyang Li Department of Philosophy, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Dec.2016-Dec.2018) CYLI@ntu.edu.sg
Vice President Prof. Richard King Department of Philosophy Bern University (Dec. 2016-Dec. 2018) Richard.king@philo.unibe.ch
Executive Director
Executive Committee Chair
Prof. YU, Jiyuan Department of Philosophy, University of Buffalo (Jan.2012-Dec.2016) jyyu@buffalo.edu
Deputy Director Prof. Guo Qiyong Department of Philosophy, Wuhan University  qyguo@whu.edu.cn
Secretary Prof. Xiaomei Yang Department of Philosophy,
Southern Connecticut State University (Jan.2012-Dec.2016)
Treasurer Prof. Ann Pang-White Department of Philosophy, The University of Scranton (Jan.2012-Dec.2016) pangwhitea2@scranton.edu
Journal of Chinese Philosophy Liaison Prof. On-Cho NG Department of History, Pennsylvania State University oxn1@psu.edu
Board of Advisors
Name Academic Affiliation
Prof. Chung-ying Cheng University of Hawaii at Manoa   ccheng@hawaii.edu
Prof. Hsueh-li Cheng University of Hawaii at Hilo
Prof. Guo Qiyong Wuhan University            qyguo@whu.edu.cn
Prof. Fang Keli Academy of Social Sciences
Prof. Vincent Shen University of Toronto      Vincent.shen@utoronto.ca
Prof. Kim Choong Yeol Korean University
Prof. Lewis R. Lancaster University of California at Berkeley
Prof. Kwang-Sae Lee Kent State University
Prof. Shu-hsien Liu Academia Sinica     icliu@gate.sinica.edu.tw
Prof. Robert C. Neville Boston University      rneville@bu.edu
Prof. Tang Yijie Peking University
Prof. Lik Kuen Tong Fairfield University
Prof. Karyn Lai University of New South Wales     k.lai@unsw.edu.au
Prof. Torbjorn Loden Stockholm University
 Prof. Bernard Li  Prof. Yolaine Escande Fujen Catholic UniversityEcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Paris
Regional Representatives
Region Name Academic Affiliation Contact
Australia Prof. Karyn Lai School of Philosophy
University of New South Wales
Mainland China Prof. Chen Lai Department of Philosophy
Peking University
Prof. Guo Qiyong Department of Philosophy
Wuhan University
France Prof. Yolaine Escande Center of Research on Arts and Languages
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Paris
Germany Prof. Li Wenchao Department of Philosophy
Technische Universitat
Korea Prof. Young-bae Song Department of Philosophy
Seoul National University
North America Prof. Xinyan Jiang Department of Philosophy
University of Redlands
Sweden Prof. Torbjorn Loden Department of Chinese Studies
Stockholm University
Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau Prof. Bernard Li Department of Philosophy
Fujen Catholic University
Newsletter Editor and Organizational Liaisons
Newsletter Editor Prof. Sandra A. Wawrytko Department of Philosophy
San Diego State University
American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Geir Sigurosson  Dept. of Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, University of Iceland geirs@hi.is
American Philosophical Association Central Division Prof. Qiong Wang Department of Philosophy
SUNY College at Oneonta
American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Prof. Robin R. Wang Department of Philosophy
Loyola Marymount University
 American Academy of Religion Prof. Ann Pang-White Department of Philosophy
The University of Scranton